History of the Geolite

Geolites was originally inspired by my grandma. She showed my brothers and myself a button that would pass thread through and spin around with the thread winding and unwinding. My brothers and I would spend hours playing with this makeshift toy. As we got older, we would make our own version with a cardboard disk and different color combinations. These would spin around resulting in cool color combinations and ultimately create a great sensation.

Evolution of the Geolite

As my brothers and I got older, we discussed how the toy would look if it had lights on it. The next thing you know, we had built a prototype made from two key chain lights attached by a zip-tie.



The product includes two three-volt batteries. These easy to replace batteries give you at least 6 months of battery life. We have different color combinations to choose from and two product lines: Geolites and FyrFlyz. In addition to it being fun, beautiful in action, and impressive to the observer, it is sturdy, durable, and safe to use. When you play with this toy you will get a good understanding of why we love it so much. It is designed to be a skill toy similar to a yo-yo. You first learn the basic spinning motions and then develop your skill with more advanced tricks that have a higher degree of difficulty. Adding the lights to the toy took the button on the string concept to a whole new level that was unimaginable.



We are based out of Clearwater, Florida in the United States. We have been selling this product for about six years on Pier 60 at Clearwater Beach. We initially began selling our prototype there and from the very start most folks that tried playing with the toy loved it and bought it. We have since made the spinning piece sturdier with our patented design that is safe and durable.



We recommend this toy for children ages 6 and older. However, this toy is truly multi-generational. People of all ages love playing with it. We can never tell if a parent is buying it for themselves or for their kids. We even sell to grandparents who remembered playing with the old button on the string. They are really impressed with the dramatic light show twist on their nostalgic button toy. We sell to many older kids and young adults who like to take this to clubs and parties. Many parents buy for themselves and play with them on the beach at night along with their kids.



This is the perfect toy for celebrations whether it be The Fourth of July, Halloween, New Year's Eve, Mardi Gras, Christmas, Memorial and Labor Day parties, weddings, birthday parties, sweet sixteens, Cinco De Mayo, Bar and Bat Mitzvah's...etc... Seeing many geolites spinning around in different and creative loops and spins is a spectacular sight to behold at any celebration. 


The only limitation is your imagination.




The only limitation is your imagination.