What To Do 

Every single Geolite is quality tested before being shipped and will arrive in perfect working order. However, here are a few tips on how to get the Geolite light spinning and keep it spinning.

1) Holding the metal rings with your thumbs or index fingers, first give the strings some slack and then vigorously spin using mostly wrist motion, which winds up the strings.
2) After a sufficient number of spins, at least 10 but more is better, pull outward as far as possible until the strings are pulled tightly out.
3) The VERY INSTANT the strings are tight, IMMEDIATELY stop pulling outward and allow the strings to wind back in by moving your hands inward. The geolite should actually be exerting a pull on your hands as it winds the strings back up, and you can feel this pull as you move your hands inward. If you can't feel that pull, you're moving your hands together too fast. It's something you will get the "feel of" easily and quickly after playing around with it for just a little while.
4) Once it pulls your hands in, you pull out again until the strings are tight again, then back to step 3, etc, repeating 3, 4, 3, 4 over and over. This constant "in" then "out" exchange of motion between you and the geolite will create a hot spot of changing colors and lights and give you a solid base to learn some amazing tricks!

    Now that you know how to spin your Geolite, click here to start learning some new tricks!

    You need/want to replace the string: Coming Soon
    The batteries are dead: Coming Soon

    A light is flickering (could happen after replacing the batteries): Coming Soon